Sorem & Pastore, Lawyers
Sorem & Pastore, Lawyers in San Diego is a full service law firm providing clients with experienced attorneys for their legal needs. Our dedicated staff has decades of experience in nearly every field of the law. Through our years of practice, we have come to understand that the most important aspect of the attorney client relationship is communication. Many clients become concerned and disenchanted with attorneys because they feel that the only concern of the attorney is billable time and clients are perceived as files rather than individuals. We treat clients as people and have developed long term relationships with clients by keeping our clients informed of all aspects of their cases and showing that they as people are more important than their name on a client list. We provide a free half hour consultation on all cases, and take many cases on a contingency fee basis at 25%. We handle personal Injury cases on a contingency fee basis as well; however, our fee agreements specify in such cases that the clients net recovery may never be less than the attorney fees we receive. We believe that the client as the injured party who has suffered deserves to be compensated more than we do. Should you ever need legal assistance, let Sorem & Pastore Lawyers fight for your rights.